• Image of Stainless Checkerboard Head Badge (Custom Edition)
  • Image of Stainless Checkerboard Head Badge (Custom Edition)

Starting in the 16th century, ships bore a figurehead on their bow. These ornamental symbols told everyone who was coming their way. A head badge can do the same: show off your personality, represent your philosophy, or act as a simple reminder of what you love. Plus, they are darned pretty and always a great conversation starter.

These start as laser-cut blanks that we polish to a near mirror finish. The faces are left blank so we can add something special. Let us know what you want like initials or a logo and we will media blast that on to the badge just for you.

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: Bent to fit a traditional 31.8 mm (1.25″) or 36mm head tube. If you've got other requirements just let us know.

These come with mounting hardware (either self taping screws or hammer in rivets) and the appropriate drill bit.
*Whenever possible the fork should be removed prior to drilling.