• Image of VéloColour Track Case  ($150 USD)
  • Image of VéloColour Track Case  ($150 USD)
  • Image of VéloColour Track Case  ($150 USD)
  • Image of VéloColour Track Case  ($150 USD)
  • Image of VéloColour Track Case  ($150 USD)

The VéloColour Track Case is not only a great looking bag but is also well-designed piece of equipment. Made in our Toronto shop, and sewn from North American milled Cordura® , it is at first glance clear that this bag was designed with maximum functionality and ease of use at it’s core.
No more fishing through the bottom of your bag for that allen key or wondering if you’ve left your 14t cog at home. The Track Case perfectly fits all of the bits and pieces you need at your finger tips when you’re heading to the Velodrome. Individual interior pockets keep your tools organized whether the case is zipped closed, lying open or hanging from the outer Velcro straps.
We guarantee the Track Case will not disappoint.

Regular Price: $220 CAD/$160 USD-%20 off till Febuary 26th

Materials: North American Milled Black Cordura® 1000D, Maharam Vinyl, Nylon Webbing and

Size (Open lying flat/Closed):
58.5 cm x 38cm / 29 cm x 38cm
23”x 15” / 11.5” x 15”


The Drive Side (left Side):
•Individual pockets for five chain rings
(2 at 23.8cm x 20.5cm/9 3/8” x 8“ and 3 at 23.8cm x 19.5cm / 9 3/8” x 7 5/8“)
•Individual pockets for six cogs -(6 at 7.5cm squared/ 2 7/8” squared)
•Space for a gear chart behind cog pockets (supplied)

The Non-Drive Side (Right Side):
•Zippered pocket sized for a chain tool -(16cm x 17cm / 6.25“ x 7.75”)
•Small zippered pocket for allen keys and small tools
- (16cm x 7cm / 6 1/4” x 2 7/8“)
•Four tool slots for wrenches and other tools (sized at 4.5cm/1.75” wide)
•Center slot for chain whip

•Three side zipper closure – Bag unzips fully to hang or lay flat
•Pocket for keys or extras (13.5cm x 15cm / 5” x 6”)
•Long Velcro straps for hanging; Unzipped the case hangs open to
work out of, zipped it hangs closed for travel (Will hang from top tube
of frame).

*Local Pick-up Available as well, please email us if you want to go this route. All shipped items are sent out through Canada Post with tracking.