• Image of Tube & Tool Plus Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Plus Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Plus Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Plus Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)
  • Image of Tube & Tool Plus Dynamite Roll ($54 USD)

Pre-order for the T&T Plus is now open. It's like a kickstarter but without all the hoopla.
We're offering these at 10% off regular price. Your new bag will ship in two weeks (April 20th).

We didn't set out to completely redesign what a tool roll could be but that's what we did. Our brand new T&T Plus Dynamite Roll is the larger sibling to the single pocket Dynamite Roll.
Unlike a traditional tool roll our innovative design is centered around one large pocket. This pocket holds your rubber or latex and fits one or two large road/gravel tubes or one mountain bike tube up 2.6." - 2.8". Fill the small pockets with, a multi-tool, tire levers, one or two Co2s or whatever else you carry.
As opposed to fixed pockets like a regular roll we've developed a floating pocket system, call it VC technology. The smaller tools wrap over the main pocket creating a clean form that wraps perfectly every time. We'll leave the careful tool placement and awkward rolling to everyone else.

Behind the pockets we've created a combination Cordura-Ripstop lined interior which offers increased durability with reduced weight and bulk. Ripstop's incredible strength to weight ratio helps to protect your stuff and the roll itself while adding to the bags overall water resistance.
Roll it up and mount the T&T Plus to your saddle with our tension-fit polyurethane straps. They are a simple and super tough strap that are also soft on on your saddle rails, even on carbon.

Do you need more? Besides being the best bag you can own the T&T Plus Dynamite Roll is completely sewn in our Toronto shop using 95% North American produced materials.

The next time you’re in Toronto why not stop by the VéloColour shop, see where all of your bags are made and meet the people who make them.


•Lightweight and super durable construction
•The Velcro tab keeps the bag tightly wrapped when not mounted to the saddle.
•Supplied with a tension fit Polyurethane strap for solid mounting to the saddle. It's also made in N.America.

Packing Tips and Mounting:
•This bag doesn't need packing tips
•Orient the strap with VéloColour right side up on the drive side of the bike. Tuck the loose end through one or booth strap loops

Wipe or hose off if dirty; don’t launder.

Large Pocket: 7.6cm wide x 7.6cm tall (3" x 3")
3 Small Pockets: 6.3cm & 2 at 4.4cm & 4.4cm (2.5" & 2 at 1.75")
Once rolled the Dynamite is 16.5 cm tall (6.5")

Bag: 500D Cordura, Maharam Vinyl, Ripstop, Velcro
Strap: Polyurethane, Nylon buckle